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Experience Burnsville

With more than 3,300 acres of parks and wildlife refuge lands, Burnsville offers easy access to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge at Cliff Fen Park.

Burnsville is just 10 minutes from world-renown Mall of America and 15 minutes from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport.

Burnsville is the 10th largest city in Minnesota with over 60,000 residents, 9 hotels and 90 restaurants.

History of Burnsville

The land of Burnsville has had five owners. First the Mdewakanton Sioux. Then, in 1493 Spain laid claim to it. Next, France obtained possession in 1682. Britain claimed it in 1763. Jefferson bought it from Napoleon in 1803. The Sioux, led by Little Crow, signed away the land to Governor Ramsey in 1851.

Burnsville’s first pioneers arrived in 1850. Primarily Irish and farmers by trade, the rich soil, and vast extensions of land made Burnsville an ideal location to settle.
In 1855, William Byrne joined the settlement. Byrne donated land for a church, a school, and a cemetery. Burnsville, originally "Byrnesville Township", is said to be named in Byrne's honor. Burnsville became a city in 1965.