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The craft beer scene in Minnesota continues to grow, prompting that ongoing search for the next big flavor. And now, those in Burnsville, Minnesota don't have to look any further to find a local brewpub that not only brews a great beer but also creates some fantastic fare! We spoke with Nick Sweiven, VP of Business Development & Marketing of Nutmeg Brewhouse in Burnsville, on this new establishment and what you can expect when you visit. Read on to find out how the idea for the restaurant came to be, what beer is most popular, what kind of dishes will become your new favorite and much more!

Photo: J.T. Dalton - Head Brewer, Hannah Talbott - Brewer, Nick Sweiven - VP of Business Development & Marketing

1. How did the idea for a brewpub in Burnsville come to be?
A couple of beer loving friends came together and realized that there were no brewpubs that had their own food and made their own beer in the South metro. It's really as simple as that.

2. Who is behind the restaurant idea/concept?
The concept and menu was/is very collaborative. The kitchen and managers took the vague idea that the owners had in the beginning and were able to make it their own. We are constantly evolving in attempts to be as good as we can possibly be but it's 100% a team effort.

3. What about the restaurant itself? What can people expect when they walk through the doors?
First and foremost, we're a brewery. As you walk in the front entry, the brew room stares you right in the face. With a brand new team of brewers working around the clock, we have officially relaunched our beer program and are serving up awesome craft beer straight from the source. Beer brewed in-house is truly the focus of Nutmeg and what sets us apart from any other bar or restaurant in Burnsville. Since we are a brewpub by law, our license enables us to run a full kitchen as well as serve wine & spirits that production breweries are unable to have. Sourcing nothing but the best ingredients possible has allowed us to build an outstanding array of products. We understand not everyone drinks beer, but we know that there is something for everyone at Nutmeg.

4. What kind of food can people find on the menu? What was the motivation behind this influence?
Our menu is quite unique, especially for Burnsville and the South metro in general. We chose our British Colonial theme because it is a very open-ended concept which allows us to play with a lot of different ingredients & big bold flavors from everywhere in the world that the British Empire colonized. Some of our most popular dishes include: New Zealand Lamb Chops, Malaysian Shrimp, Scotch Eggs, Poutine & of course our Fish & Chips with a curry tartar sauce. Our full menu is available online!

5. What kinds of beer do you brew? How often is a new beer introduced?
In the beginning we were a bit limited with what we could brew. However, with our new brewery team, and all the updates they've made, we are pumping out a whole bunch of different styles of American craft beer. We also do a lot of Belgian, German & English styles but there is no limit to what our head Brewer, JT Dalton, is doing. He is really raising the bar for craft beer in the South Metro and we are so excited to see what our team is going to do this fall.

6. What are some of people’s favorites so far? Any seasonal items available now?
The Plank Walker Rye IPA and Poseidon's Porter have been 2 of our hottest selling beers along with our Plundered Belgian Blonde Ale and Banyan Summer Ale. People went crazy for our Flinkflock Imperial White IPA up in Duluth for All Pints North beer festival and that one is sure to go fast. Every other week on Thursdays, we release a specialty cask that is infused with something delicious and hand-drawn from our beer engines.

Disclaimer: We've had a lot of guests ask about it...but with our new brewing team in place, we will no longer be brewing the "Shipmate's IPA".

7. So, it seems like people are loving the beer! Where can they find it outside the restaurant?
With the way that our licensing works, we are not able to distribute our beers in liquor stores or other bars. However, the city of Burnsville just rewrote their off-premise liquor ordinance to allow us to sell off-site. As of July 20th, we are now selling 64oz Growlers so that people can take our beer with them to enjoy from home.

8. Can people find events or live music at the restaurant? Where can people find information on upcoming events?
We do a ton of cool events on-site. We've had bands, DJs, a scotch tasting dinner, Burnsville Chamber of Commerce events & more. Every Monday we have "Hoppy Hour" all-day for educators or people working for schools. Every Tuesday, we do the same all-day "Hoppy Hour" for anyone in the healthcare field. Every Wednesday we have a killer Date Night special from 3-Close which has been wildly popular in the first 3 weeks. We have tons of events and things coming up...the best place to find out what's going on at Nutmeg is on our website's event calendar.

9. If people want to get social, where can people connect with Nutmeg Brewhouse online?
We use most forms of social media and love to hear from people! Facebook is probably the most popular. Please note that there are 2 different Nutmeg pages out there. Our official Facebook page is "Nutmeg Brewhouse Burnsville". The two other most popular ways to stay in touch are:

Instagram - Nutmeg_Brewhouse

Twitter - @NutmegBrewhouse

Now here's all the info you need to go find out for yourself what all the buzz is about!

Nutmeg Brewhouse
1905 Co Rd 42 W
Burnsville, MN 55306

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday - 11am to 10pm
Friday & Saturday - 11am to 11pm
Sunday - 11am to 9pm