Must-have tools to Improve your visit to Burnsville, Minnesota

Here is a list of helpful tools to use when you are planning a visit to Burnsville, Minnesota! Maps of Burnsville, our newest Visitor’s Guide, and checking out our hashtag will make you well-equipped for your trip to Burnsville!

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Download our new and improved Visitor’s Guide! All of the things Burnsville has to offer will be at your fingertips, and you will be able to plan your trip with ease! Whether you are visiting for a couple’s getaway or a family vacation, the visitor’s guide is sure to be your first step in planning your visit to Burnsville.

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Hashtag - #MyBurnsville

Feel like a local on your visit and check out the #MyBurnsville hashtag! You will be able to see photos of Burnsville from the perspective of our locals and visitors! Plus, you will stumble upon a lot of popular restaurants, bars, and attractions. While you’re visiting Burnsville, be sure to use #MyBurnsville in your posts so future visitors can check out your experiences!


Use these links to different maps of Burnsville and the surrounding areas to know where you’re going on your visit.

Map with Hotels
Map of Minneapolis
Map of Popular Restaurants - According to TripAdvisor
Map of the Heart of Burnsville

With all these helpful tools, you’ll be sure to have a fun and easy stay in Burnsville! If you have any more questions about travelling to Burnsville, be sure to message us on Facebook so that we can make sure that you are well-prepared for your next trip!